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Cosmetic Grade Statement

Cosmetic Grade Glitter Statement

Cosmetic Grade Glitter Statement

What is Cosmetic Grade glitter?
Over the past few years, you may have seen the label Cosmetic Grade cropping up on polyester glitter products. If it is truly Cosmetic Grade, it means that the colorants/ingredients in the glitter have been tested by the FDA and are certified as safe for skin.

The very nature of this label implies that all other polyester glitters are not safe for contact with skin. This is not necessarily the case at all. The missing label means the colorants has not been tested by the FDA to be used in cosmetics. It is a personal choice as to whether this label is important to you.

Note 1: All the polyester glitters we sell are non-toxic and we offer MSDS sheets on this website site if you are interested.

Note 2: Even glitter that is Cosmetic Grade can still cause skin issues with people who have allergies to polyester or acrylic substances. It is a rare condition, but it can happen.

May 2016 Update
The FDA has put forward further guidelines in terms of colorants and where they are safe to place on the face. We have been told that these new rules have to do with glitter near tear ducts. We have updated all the descriptions with the latest information and here is a master chart for you to use: Usage Chart


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