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Starcrest Sky :Ultra Fine Biodegradable Iridescent Glitter
Ultra Fine Biodegradable Glitter: Iridescent Starcrest Sky

Starcrest Sky :Ultra Fine Biodegradable Iridescent Glitter

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Part Number:EXO16-GMW600

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Glitter Overview

  • Polylactide/Shellac
  • Translucent/Iridescent
  • Non-Toxic/Biodegradable
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Flake size is 0.008 (Ultra Fine)
  • Made in the USA
  • MSDS Sheet

Glitter Description: The "Exhibitions Line" offers innovative biodegradable glitters. This particular glitter is one that we have had requests for from wedding parties, color runs, color wars, parades and any other time you want to throw glitter around outside. It is a stunning glitter made from a polylactide base film and it will break down over time. However, it holds together long enough to set in many glues, epoxy and even short lived in lotions and cosmetic usages (test first). This particular glitter is translucent so whatever color it is put over will influence it. Put it over light and a subtle color shift sparkle with occur- put over black or another dark color and it is brighter and really pops! The glitter is clear and shifts from blue/pink and shifts to peach/gold.

Jar Details: Jar Details: The glitter is sold in a clear jar that we call "The Mini". The jar holds approx. 2 teaspoons of glitter and is filled by volume not weight (due to extreme variances in glitter weight color to color). There is a round label on the bottom that says the name of the glitter and also has our web address and logo. If you wish to resell these jars, you can ask for "no labels on jars" in the Comments Section when you checkout.

Applications List:

  • Wedding Party Glitter Toss
  • Color Runs (alone or mixed with colored cornstarch)
  • Parade Glitter Toss
  • Makeup*
  • Body Creams (test)
  • Lotions (test)
  • Hair Spray (test)
  • Hair Gels (test)
  • Glitter Tattoos


*This glitter is considered to be Cosmetic Grade. What does this mean? It means that the FDA has certified that the pigments/ingredients used in this glitter are safe for skin, eyes, lips. It is aluminum free. The cosmetic grade information given here is based on the FDA's list of color additives permitted for use in cosmetics (which changes regularly). Please refer to their website for details. Our customers are responsible for proper usage in his/her particular application. We are not responsible for unsafe or improper usage. Putting anything (FDA approved or not) near the eyes can result in eye irritation. Please be careful.

Limitations: Cosmetic Grade polyester glitter is made lightweight for easy application to the body. This lightweight quality is nice for cosmetics but, it is not suited for long term art usage and industrial applications (where you want your glitter to really hold up). It is meant for temporary usage and is meant to break down over time.

Disclaimer: The above information is given for guidance only. While it is based on scientific evaluation, and is believed to be reliable, the manufacturer makes no warranties, whether expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose for these products, since among other reasons the conditions of storage and use are beyond our control. Please test before making a large purchase. Results vary based on the solvents, chemicals, materials you are using this glitter with.

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